Deirdre Pitts' important object, her disseration, a diploma for outstanding dissertation, and an award.

Women of OU

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This project started as a requirement of my Critical Social Justice Perspectives course but turned into an exciting opportunity to hear my role models share their own stories about identity, diversity, inclusion, and family. I greatly appreciate their candor and feel grateful for this experience to learn more about those I admire at Oakland University.

Thank you Berkley, Deirdre, Grace, Krista, and Tricia for your time, photos, and stories.

ZuchowiczKelsey Zuchowicz, MPH, CWP is a two-time alumnus of Oakland University and is passionate about incorporating diversity, equity, and social justice into her work in higher education. She looks forward to continuing her educational journey and is most interested in how higher education institutions can support faculty and staff, particularly focusing on those in the LGBT* community.

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