About us

This project aims to encourage conversation about what diversity and inclusion mean for Oakland University and its surrounding community.

Facilitated by Dr. Adina Schneeweis, a group of faculty at Oakland have committed to create and collect stories of diversity and inclusion on and around campus, with the support of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

Adina Jan 2018Adina Schneeweis

I am an associate professor of journalism and communication. Originally from Romania and the hilly metropolis Cluj-Napoca, I grew up in a small family, surrounded by many teachers and a combination of city- and nature-lovers. I spent my childhood playing outside, discovering the neighborhood, sledding, climbing trees and picking flowers. I practiced competitive downhill skiing, and really loved school, homework, and the atmosphere of learning. After all, I did stay in school until I completed my doctoral degree. My research concerns media and advocacy representations of race and ethnicity, and my scholarship is published in a variety of international and peer-reviewed outlets, as listed on my website.

2019-2020 Faculty Cohort

Faculty contributing work to this project in 2019-2020 include Julie Ricks-Doneen, Kate Roff, Adina Schneeweis, Chiaoning Su, and graduate assistant Hadeel Al-Daoud (ongoing).

2018-2019 Faculty Cohort

Faculty contributing work to this project in 2018-2019 include Rose Cooper, Ellen Gajewski, Holly Gilbert, T.J. Jourian, Adina Schneeweis, and Sheryl Ruszkiewicz.