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AD(H)D (Not) Controlling My Life

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Journalism major Marcella Banner on ADD and ADHD – they “are disabling mental health conditions that can ultimately make one feel insignificant and unable to focus or learn anything.”

Poster with text of blog post.Living with ADD and ADHD was always a struggle for me. As a child, I struggled with trying to understand material being taught in school, and always fought to try my hardest. Growing up, I would often give up on learning something, and just figured that I couldn’t and would never be able to understand. However, after trying many different types of medications, I finally found one that would work with me, and help me learn.

No longer will my life be controlled by the feeling of not being smart or good enough for everyone else. No longer will my life be controlled by ADD and ADHD.

I’ve learned that it’s what we do about the condition that defines us. If we try our hardest to move beyond it, life can change.

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