Diverse Working-Class Community

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By Daniel Carr

Joshon Allen is an employee at United Shore, one of the largest and fastest growing wholesale lenders in the United States. Coming from a diverse, working-class community, Joshon has excelled through his hard work from a young age.

After working as a restaurant employee and attending college, he landed a job as a mortgage company employee. He hit a milestone in his life after earning enough to afford his own place.

His stunning photography showcases his artistic abilities and his various skills show potential for greatness. His life experiences have been shaped by the diversity of his friends and members of his community.

DC: What does diversity and inclusion mean to you? 

Allen: Diversity to me is having a group of people that each come from different cultures and backgrounds. Such as a diverse neighborhood or workplace. Inclusion to me is when these people are allowed to practice their culture and beliefs without being discriminated against or appropriated. 

DC: Has someone from a diverse background ever positively influenced you? 

Allen: I have had positive influences from friends, parents, teachers, and others throughout my life. Someone from a different background brings a different perspective which we should all be able to learn from. You gain a wider understanding of the world which helps you grow as a person. 

DC: How has diversity shaped your growth as an individual? 

Allen: I grew up in a diverse neighborhood and went to a diverse school. This allowed me to learn about other cultures at first hand through food, art, or just conversation at a friends house or in class. I learned to appreciate this when I started working in much less diverse environments where you may be expected to hide what makes you diverse. 

DC: When have you felt most empowered / uplifted in your community? 

Allen: I have felt uplifted in the community when I see people coming together to help one another, either through fundraising, charity potlucks, or protesting for their rights. 

DC: If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? 

Allen: I wish our education system was better. Better education on cultures, mental health, nutrition. Etc. The most crucial moments of an individual’s growth are experienced at a young age. We need to be providing the best education we can to everyone so we can create solutions for the future.

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