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Undergraduate nursing students reflect on diversity in six words.Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 10.27.17 AM

  1. Brown skin boy. White family. Loved.
  2. Girls compete. Women uplift one another.
  3. Every story. Two sides. What’s yours?
  4. Growth from change, explore your world.
  5. Slovak genes, American upbringing, bilingual tongue.
  6. Searching for meaning. Found passion.
  7. Huge world. Uncharted territory for now.
  8. Multicultural inclusion. Collaborating together. Exciting variation.
  9. Filipino, Lebanese. Living the American Dream.
  10. New nursing friends. Learning other cultures.
  11. Time flies reaching for the stars.
  12. Different lands. Different backgrounds. Same human.
  13. The same care, for different humans.
  14. Teen dropout. Second Bachelor’s. What next?
  15. Wandering, lost, found myself, become dream-catcher.
  16. Beauty within differences driven by evolution.
  17. Family, Career, Happiness. Never too late.
  18. More connects us, than divides us.
  19. Original in individuals, because of diversity.
  20. Animal lover, mother, daughter, wife, Foreign.
  21. Just a girl, underestimate me again.
  22. Different backgrounds. Same program. Family.
  23. Suburban roots. Branches across the globe.
  24. Learning disability. Challenging. Determination. Goals achieved.
  25. First degree. OFF year. Student again.
  26. Democrat. Rich. Poor. Doesn’t matter.
  27. Same sex cultures confusing, am assimilating.
  28. Women supporting women. Glass ceilings shattered.
  29. Be brave. Speak truthfully. Stand strong.
  30. Heathen marries Catholic. True love prevails.
  31. Arab American. First generation college grad.
  32. Father abandoned. Brokenness. Heavenly father healed.
  33. We’re one. We all bleed red.
  34. Diverse perspectives challenge our preconceived identities.
  35. Canadian immigrant. Bonjour! Welcomed. Accepted. Loved.
  36. Beautiful, gay daughter. Love is love!
  37. Resilient. Not same, but equal.
  38. Irish blood. Cherokee heart. Tattoo memorials.
  39. Bipolar depression. Eternal fight vs. flight.
  40. School diversity: next generation changes world!
  41. Rich, poor, at the center, human.
  42. Feeling part of. Welcomed. Comfortable.
  43. Celebrate yourself. No one else understands.
  44. Dismissed, disrespected, discouraged, yet she prevailed.
  45. And together we will become one.
  46. New country, new town, old you.
  47. Connect through striving for better tomorrow.
  48. No room for judging while nursing.
  49. Rainbow of skins om conquered land.
  50. Speaking different words, wanting the same.
  51. Care provided. Nourishment given. Everyone received.
  52. The looks. The stares, skin deep.
  53. Adoption opened their eyes: Chinese American.
  54. New country, same culture at heart.
  55. Everyone can be a star. Journeys differ.
  56. One common trait we all share.
  57. First acknowledge, humbly learn, then grow.
  58. Young nurse, Old nurse. Same dedication.
  59. Different colors. Different stories. Same heart.
  60. America: A mixing pot of opportunities.
  61. Cornbread, perogies, and Guinness: Edible heritage.
  62. See color. Diversity embodies. Radiant beauty.
  63. We are different but the same.
  64. Culture plus culture equals true love.
  65. You and I, different but same.
  66. Noticeably different, incredible reliance, beautifully unique.
  67. Assorted bag of candy. All good!
  68. Three different colors. All my brothers.
  69. Many cultures, many religions, come together.
  70. Breaking cycles of hate through love.
  71. Enlisted, served, home. Now war begins.
  72. Hate corrodes container it’s carried in.
  73. Quietness is strength among the noise.
  74. Black and white, bleed the same.
  75. Half Polish. Half redneck. Still equal.
  76. What if everyone was the same?
  77. Knowledge is power, diversity is key.
  78. Brown, black, white. All the same.
  79. Seek diversity. You will discover similarity.
  80. History has divided. Future can unify.
  81. My country. Left behind. New life.
  82. Whoever you are, you are welcome.
  83. We all smile the same way.
  84. Rich child, poor friend, same degree.
  85. Different dad, same mom, one family.
  86. Black white male female beliefs inequality.
  87. Although we are different, we’re one.
  88. College, blacks and whites, get degrees.
  89. We are the same, yet different.
  90. Every story, every color. All matter.
  91. Fall in love with being color blind.
  92. Different appearance. Different outlooks. Same love.
  93. Differences should instead unite, not divide.
  94. Father screamed “useless.” God whispered “delight.”
  95. Love; it resonates in every color.
  96. Brown, white, all are God’s creature.
  97. Different colored skin, yet all human.
  98. Listen to voices muffled by oppression.
  99. Changes are made. The world evolves.

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