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Shaped by Being Jewish

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Amanda Silvestri interviewed Logan Fletcher on her views about diversity.

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AS: How would you describe yourself as a person [with diverse experiences]?
LF: A common misconception is that many people believe being Jewish is simply just a religion when realistically there is a difference from being Jewish religiously and by blood. I happen to be Jewish by blood, practicing very little of the actual religion.


AS: How has this experience shaped who you are today as a student at Oakland University?
LF: Being Jewish has also allowed me to be prouder of who I am and grow to be more confident considering our history. It has allowed me to experience things that many people may never, good and bad. Being Jewish has been something that has completely shaped who I am as a person.


AS: What does the word “diversity” mean to you?
LF: Diversity means a lot to me. Being diverse is not just about the color of your skin, it’s about your background, where you came from, diversity is who you are. Being diverse means being different from others, in our own way that means all of us.

Connect with other Jewish students on campus:

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