Megan Wolowiec enjoying the summer sun; close-up of smiling woman, wearing sunglasses, long hair blowing in the wind. Photo by Katelyn Wolowiec

From Private High School to Learning About Diversity

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Content of blog post in poster format, with picture of woman smiling, with sunglasses on and long hair blowing in the wind.By Megan Wolowiec

Going to a small private school didn’t allow much exposure to diversity.

Opportunities to interact with people from diverse backgrounds do not present themselves as an easy task when going to a small, private high school. Coming to Oakland University has been an eye-opening adventure.

Diversity is vital to the success of the world, to the success of a work environment and to the success of one’s personal development.

Interacting with people different than yourself allows for the opportunity to create experiences that are not available when interacting with people just like you.

There is no way to know exactly how someone else views the world or how they are treated in it, but by generously listening to their stories and exercising empathy one can learn so much about the world.

The best way to learn is from other people.


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