Dried blue flowers, partly grounded into a powder in a mortar.

Friendly. Biracial. Introverted. Lost.

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Time for another class exercise with six-word stories to reflect on diversity and identity.

Understanding. Curious. Passionate. Believer. Loving. Brazilian.

Creative. Introverted. Friendly. Biracial. Fashionable. From Michigan.

Happy. Hard-worker. Dedicated. Leader. Welcoming. Friendly.

Elusive. Skeptical. Accepting. Powerful. Aloof. Lost.

Caring. Compassionate. Outgoing. Try new things. Has a way with words.

Woman. Smart. Artist. Bipolar. Spontaneous. Patient.

Woman. Albanian. Young. Driven. Creative. Passionate.

Outspoken. Fighter. Leader. Black. Mexican. Passionate.

Open-minded. Extro- and introvert. Nice. Friendly. Family-gal. Christian?

Sister. Friend. Photographer. Opinionated. Chill. Helper.

Gay. Kind. Respectful. Music. Server. Future journalist.

NOTE: Follow the “sixwordstory” tag below the post to find earlier stories using this exercise.

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