Thrifting is an Easy Way to Make a Change

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By Bridget Janis

Editor Katie Williams

Thrifting is something I looked into a lot when I first started doing it, where I could go, how to find the right items and how impactful it can really be. Doing my part to reduce textile waste is something small but impactful. I don’t always need to buy new clothes, and thrift stores usually have great finds. 

Americans toss out about 81 pounds of clothing each year. By even donating my clothes to the thrift store to be recycled back into other people’s lives is helping keep that number down.

Kyle Lindemyer walks around The Salvation Army. He is trying to have a more sustainable lifestyle and reduce his textile waste. Photo Credit: Bridget Janis

Every day I consider how I can be more sustainable. When starting out my day, I always have to go into my closet to find an outfit. About 30% of my clothes are thrifted and that number keeps growing. At first it was just a way to save a couple dollars but now it’s a lifestyle.

Kyle Lindemyer chooses to live more sustainable by purchasing this sweatshirt from the thrift store. Photo credit: Bridget Janis

The fashion industry makes about 10% of global carbon emissions, and is expected to be responsible for 50% by 2030. That year is closer than it seems and if we keep moving forward with fast fashion taking over the clothing industry we will get to that number quickly.

Kyle Lindemyer browses the pants section at the thrift store. Photo credit: Bridget Janis

Thrifting can’t undo the damage fast fashion has created, but it can stop it from getting worse. It might feel easier to shop online for cheap made clothes that you’ll probably only wear once, but supporting thrift shops and saving our atmosphere is more important than any shirt.

I thrift just about everything I can, from sweatshirts to pants to cameras to every single glassware in my house. There’s more to find at your local thrift store than you could expect. Just about everything you’d need for your house in general can be thrifted. I go to the thrift store for a lot of items in my house, allowing every aspect of my day to be sustainable.

By doing my part, I feel better about what I’m wearing and what I’m using.

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