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Safety Is Warmth

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At a recent conversation between faculty from different disciplines, the group took just a few words to answer two questions: What makes you feel safe? What makes you feel unsafe? Here are their answers.

The bottom line – which we can work to translate into the spaces and communities where we spend time – is that safety is warmth.

What makes you feel safe?

Finances. Shelter. Family. Food. Trust. Warmth. – H.

Family. Friends. Familiar surroundings. Good health. Financial stability. Freedom. – V.

Reading. Fireplace. Hugs. Heard. Cozy scarves. – G.

Safe. Community. Warmth. Being “heard”/listened to. Smiles. Genuine actions/thoughts. Routine. – D.

What makes you feel unsafe?

Chaos. Pain. Guns. Violence. Anger. Abuse. – H.

Emotional stress. Isolation. Financial concerns. Sickness. Unfamiliar surroundings. Dishonesty. – V.

Anger. Shouting. Confident, aggressive men. Unknown. – G.

Alone. Too much quiet. Grumpy or grouchy. Ignored. Strangers. – D.

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