Woman smiles at camera, holds cup of coffee, wears brown head scarf.

American Syrian Refugee

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By Allan Bush

Noora Al-Sharabi is an American-born resident of Michigan. Her parents being from Syria wanted to have their children live and know their culture.

During Noora’s early childhood, her mother and the rest of her siblings moved to Syria to be a part of their culture and heritage. Her father stayed behind to continue to support their family from overseas. For a majority of her life, she lived and breathed Syrian Muslim culture and lifestyle.

After roughly a decade of living in Syria, conflicts in the nation arose. This caused Noora and her family to relocate from their home to an outside town, seeking refuge. There, she tells about how she went days without electricity or running water, and how scared she was for the ongoing conflicts back in her home city, but she and her family were brave for themselves and each other.

Soon, their family was able to flee from the nation to safety.

Woman smiles at camera, holds cup of coffee, wears brown head scarf.
Saturday, October 12, 2019, Noora Al-Sharabi, an Oakland University student who is studying elementary education, sits down to discuss her immigration story. Photo by Allan Bush

After fleeing back to the United States, and reuniting with her father, and after going through so much, Noora is grateful to have the chance to continue her life and education in the United States. She believes that even though her home in Syria is gone, and that there is no going back, she has made her mark in America and believes this was the best for her. While things may never be the same for her like they were in Syria, she has made America her home, filled with friends, family, and her future.

Woman sits in coffee shop; a few other people at tables.
On Saturday, October 12, 2019, Noora describes her life after the hardships of fleeing her culture and home. She has incorporated both American and Muslim cultures into her life and created a balance for herself. Photo by Allan Bush

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