Group of 18 students smile, holding deocrated sticks, some dressed in pajamas.

Teachers in Training on Diversity

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A Fall 2019 cohort of students in Elementary Education, with an Early Childhood Concentration, completed their last course, EC 3330. DIVERSITY became the focus of this course because, when looking back over the past several semesters, it was a common thread in the students’ journeys as emerging teachers.

Under the supervision of Dr. Julie Ricks-Doneen, the class created a meaningful website to inform their fellow student-learners, future teachers, instructors at Oakland University, and the wider community about the significance of being mindful of diversity in the context of early childhood education.

Screenshot of student website; two pictures of students, one holding a child.
One of the pages on the website created by the students describes “our thoughts about diversity and becoming teachers.” The Early Childhood Education students included pictures of themselves with a statement about their understanding why it is important to be mindful of diversity in their future professions.

“Learning about diversity is intriguing, challenging, intentional, and most of all, ongoing,” Dr. Julie Ricks-Doneen of the Human Development and Child Studies at OU said. “I say thanks to these students for allowing me to join their journey!”

Screenshot of student website; picture of posted or diversity books in 2018 alongside some of the text.
The website created by the Early Childhood Education course provides resources for teachers and families. One of the pages includes a long list of children’s books that can advance conversation and educate on issues of diversity.

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